About Us

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc (CIRS)

Established in 1983, Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Incorporated (CIRS) began with a defined mission to improve upon existing tissue simulation methodology and provide quantitative reference standards for Computed Tomography.

Today, CIRS, a Castleray company, is recognized as a leader in the manufacturer of tissue equivalent phantoms and simulators for medical imaging, radiation therapy and procedural training.

CIRS is one of few companies worldwide with proprietary technology that permits the manufacture of phantoms for every commercial imaging modality. Applications include OEM production quality control, service, R&D and pre-clinic trials. The company also provides custom design and manufacturing services to support research into new modalities and techniques.

Science + Artistry

CIRS employs a diverse group of people with specific knowledge in physics, computational modeling, chemistry, computer aided design, bio-modeling, tool and mold design, pattern making, resin casting, plastics fabrication, machining, electronics engineering and software development.

Advancement Through Global Partnership

CIRS, headquartered in Norfolk, VA (USA), distributes its products and services worldwide. Promotional efforts include tradeshows, web site and Internet marketing, trade journal advertising, direct mail and an extensive worldwide network of independent manufacturing representatives. (To partner with us, please email sales@cirsinc.com)