Radiography/Fluoroscopy QA Phantom
Model 903

Radiography/Fluoroscopy QA Phantom - Model 903 - Products - CIRS

Solid Assessment Tool For X-RAY Image Quality Programs

The CIRS Model 903 Radiography/Fluoroscopy QA Phantom is designed to provide physicians with an opportunity for a comprehensive review of their Radiography/Fluoroscopy facility image quality programs.

The Radiography / Fluoroscopy QA Phantom can be used for initial QA assessment and routine monthly QA testing to help ensure patients are receiving the best possible X-ray examinations.

The CIRS Model 903 is manufactured from Polymethyl Methacrylateyeate (PMMA) equivalent epoxy that offers the same X-ray attenuation properties as PMMA with significantly greater durability.

The overall phantom measures 25.4 cm wide x 25.4 cm long x 20.7 cm high and  consists  of three attenuation plates, one test object plate and a detachable stand for easy, reproducible set-up.  Test objects include high-resolution copper mesh targets from 12 – 80 lines per inch, two separate contrast-detail test objects.

Optional accessories are available to evaluate iodine contrast visibility and linearity as well as digital subtraction effectiveness under various conditions.


  • Suitable on CR, DR & Fluoroscopy systems

  • Durable PMMA-equivalent epoxy

  • Multiple configurations

  • Assesses:

                 - Entrance skin dose

                 - Minimum detectable contrast (%)

                 - Low-contrast resolution

                 - Optical density

                 - High-contrast resolution

                 - Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) function and arterial visibility