General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom
Model 042

General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom - Model 042 - Products - CIRS

Three scan-surfaces

The Model 042 General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom provides an alternative solution to CIRS’ tissue-equivalent quality assurance phantoms.  It is ideal for monitoring system performance over time.

The Model 042 is constructed from a proprietary urethane matrix and housed within a rigid PVC container with three separate scanning windows.  The three scan windows allow the same targets to be imaged at multiple depths, thus increasing the functionality of the phantom and minimizing size.

Inside the phantom, there are five test target groups: vertical plane targets, horizontal plane targets, axial resolution targets, lateral resolution targets, and stepped masses.  These target groups allow assessment of depth of penetration, uniformity, distance calibration, resolution and lesion detectability.

The Model 042 is a compact, lightweight, durable tool that is ideal for ultrasound system consistency checks. The General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom is sold with a user manual, carry case, certificate of compliance, and a 48-month warranty.  


  • Durable proprietary urethane background gel

  • Three scanning windows for target visualization at multiple depths

  • Five embedded test target groups

  • Includes user guide, certificate of compliance, carry case and warranty