Digital Breast Tomosynthesis QC Phantom
Model 021

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis QC Phantom - Model 021 - Products - CIRS


The CIRS Digital Breast Tomosynthesis QC Phantom is designed to address quality control for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis systems (DBT). The phantom can be used for software analysis and “traditional” visual tests.

The phantom consists of eight homogeneous slabs made from breast-equivalent material in 50/50 ratio of gland and adipose tissue (BR50/50). Optional swirled slabs, that can be purchased separately, are comprised of 100% adipose and 100% gland tissues together in an approximate 50/50 ratio by weight. Three homogeneous slabs include imaging targets. Each semicircular shaped slab measures 100 x 180 x 10 mm. This allows for using a combination of homogeneous and swirled slabs to test the influence of scatter radiation on image quality in more clinically-relevant, inhomogeneous conditions.

The phantom includes a positioning holder with magnetic fixation for repeatable alignment and positioning on the DBT scanner.

Measured Parameters:

  • Volume coverage missing tissues

  • Pixel Value Uniformity

  • Noise: SNR & SDNR

  • Resolution in X, Y and Z directions (MTF, ESF & PSF)

  • Geometric accuracy 3D

  • Artifact assessment

  • Visual detectability: specs, masses & fibers

  • Complex background for clinically relevant measurements


  • Acceptance testing, daily and routine QC

  • Tests image quality and stability of DBT systems

  • Consistent and repeatable targets in homogeneous background

  • Optional complex background provides clinically rele-vant challenge for target detection
  • Slab configurations provides range of thicknesses with or without targets

  • Developed to meet WIP requirements of EUREF and AAPM TG245