Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantoms
Model 007TE

Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantoms - Model 007TE - Products - CIRS

Accurate Size-Specific dose measurements

The CIRS Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantoms are designed to more accurately simulate the patient's anatomy in the range of sizes from small infants to large adult patients rendering more accurate and reliable CT dose data. 

There are eight abdominal, eight thorax, and four head phantoms of different sizes/ages available.

The bodies of the phantoms are made from Plastic Water®-LR that faithfully mimic the x-ray linear attenuation and scatter properties of water within 1% in diagnostic energy.

CT dose phantoms include an embedded vertebral bone equivalent rods and external bone rings (heads) that are specifically formulated to mimic the appropriate density for patient size/age.

The thorax CT dose phantoms include vertebral bone equivalent rod and lungs.  Lung equivalent material mimics inhale lung within 3% by linear attenuation.

All the phantoms have five through-holes with an inside diameter of 1.30 cm to accommodate standard CT dose probes and five tissue equivalent rods to plug the holes not in use.  One hole is at center and four are around the perimeter, 90° apart and 1 cm from center to the outside edge of the phantom.


  • Usable on all CT scanners

  • Size-specific options, from infant to large adult

  • Simulates patient head, thorax and abdominal regions

  • Made from tissue equivalent epoxy

  • 1.30 cm inside hole diameter sized for standard CT Dose probes

NOTE: This product or an optional accessory of this product requires a CIRS dosimetry cavity code before an order can be placed. Please refer to the Dosimetry Cavity Codes document to identify the CIRS code for the probe you intend to use with this product.