Single Exposure High Contrast Resolution Phantom
Model 016A

Single Exposure High Contrast Resolution Phantom - Model 016A - Products - CIRS

Perform QC inspections of mammography system resolution with just one exposure!

The CIRS Model 016A incorporates two 17.5 micron thick gold-nickel alloy bar patterns. These bar patterns are positioned at 90 degrees to allow assessment of resolution perpendicular and parallel to anode-cathode axis in just one exposure. The targets have 17 segments from 5 lp to 20 lp/mm and are equivalent to 25 microns of lead or 2.6 mm of aluminum at 20 keV.

The patterns are permanently embedded in a thin acrylic wafer (Model 016AW) to protect them from wear or damage.

The phantom body consists of BR12. It enables consistent, reproducible positioning at 4.5 cm above the breast support plate and 1 cm from the chest wall, centered laterally (as recommended by the American College of Radiology).



  • Perpendicular bar pattern design for assessment of system resolution using single exposure

  • Reproducible positioning

  • Acrylic wafer to protect bars from wear and damage

  • Breast equivalent phantom body materials