Tissue-Equivalent Phantom for Mammography
Model 011A

Tissue-Equivalent Phantom for Mammography - Model 011A - Products - CIRS

A Refined Quality Assurance Tool for Today's Advanced Imaging Systems

Model 011A is a tissue-equivalent, anthropomorphic phantoms designed to test performance of any mammographic system. Simulated calcifications, fibrous ducts, and tumor masses are embedded into the phantom as test objects. Test objects range in size to allow system checks at varying levels of difficulty.

CIRS resin material mimics the photon attenuation coefficients of a range of breast tissues. The average elemental composition of the mimicked tissue is based on the individual elemental compositions of adipose and glandular tissues as reported by Hammerstein.

Attenuation coefficients are calculated by using the “mixture rule” and the Photon Mass Attenuation and Energy Absorption Coefficient Table of J.H. Hubbell.


  • Realistically Shaped

  • Tissue Equivalent

  • Monitor Image Quality & Dose