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CT / X-Ray & Radiation Therapy

Model 002 IMRT Phantoms

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Model 004 CT Simulator For Bone Mineral Analysis

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Model 008P Dynamic Pelvis Phantom

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Model 008PL Dynamic Platform

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Custom Phantoms

Prostate Phantom (MRI & Elastography)

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Elastography Phantom

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Model 013 Stereotactic Needle Biopsy Training Phantom

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Model 014 Mammography Artifact Evaluation Phantom & Phototimer Testing Slabs

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Model 015 Mammographic Accreditation Phantom

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General Mammography

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Custom Phantoms

Cone Beam CT Breast Phantom

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Custom Breast Phantom with Cylindrical Plugs

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Tissue-Equivalent Mammography Phantom (Model 011A)

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Custom Phantoms

MRI Phantom (Thermal Ablation)

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MRI Phantom

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Model 034 Lumbar Training Phantom

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Model 048A Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom

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Custom Phantoms

Multi-Modality Pelvic Phantom (Model 048)

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Multi-Modality Homogeneous Prostate Phantom

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