Mammo FFDM Phantom

With CIRS now part of Sun Nuclear, we are collaborating to provide optimal Quality Management solutions for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy.

The ACR Digital Mammography Phantom (Model 086), is no longer being manufactured or sold by CIRS. We are pleased to offer the following suitable alternative from Sun Nuclear.

Properly QA your digital mammography systems, with the Mammo FFDM Phantom. 

Gain Efficiencies and Image Quality 

Perform image quality, artifact detection, uniformity and Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR) tests using the same window width (WW) and window level (WL). 

The Mammo FFDM Phantom simulates radiographic characteristics of compressed breast tissue, including micro-calcifications, ductal fibrous structures and tumor-like masses. Identification of these small structures is essential to the early detection of breast cancer. 

Maintain Accreditation

The Mammo FFDM Phantom permits testing of the MQSA 3.0 mGy dose limit. Attenuation is equalized inside and outside the wax insert. The test objects are designed and located per the ACR specifications, including the nylon polyamide fibers, spherical glass specks and the spherical cap masses.

  • Evaluate artifacts over the entire detector with a single image
  • Supports ACR with test objects designed and located per ACR specifications, and reduced backscatter and equalized attenuation
  • Meets ACR 2018 Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual requirements
  • Supports MQSA 3.0 mGy dose limit testing with attenuation that’s equalized inside and outside the wax insert

 1 ACR Mammography Accreditation Program Testing Instructions (

Product manufactured by Sun Nuclear; CIRS is now part of Sun Nuclear, a Mirion Medical company.

Data Sheet

Mammo FFDM Phantom: Data Sheet


Mammo FFDM Phantom
MaterialsWax and acrylic equivalent to 4.2 cm thick compressed breast tissue
Nylon Fibers6
Specks6 Groups, Glass Spheres
Dimensions (L x W x H)31.0 ± 0.1 x 19 ± 0.1 x 4.1 ± 0.03 cm
Dimensions: Wax Insert (L x W x H)12.98 (+ 0, – 0.04) x 6.98 (+0, -0.04) x 0.7 ± 0.02 cm
CNR Cavity Depth0.1 ± 0.005 cm
CNR Diameter2.0 ± 0.05 cm
Compensator9 mil Polyvinylidene Chloride
CaseOptional custom hard-sided case, with 1-year warranty
Mammo FFDM Phantom Wax Insert Test Objects
Fiber Diameter (mm)Speck Diameter Glass Sphere (mm)Masses Thickness (mm)
0.89 ± 0.050.33 ± 0.01001.00 ± 0.05
0.75 ± 0.030.28 ± 0.00830.75 ± 0.05
0.61 ± 0.030.23 ± 0.00690.50 ± 0.05
0.54 ± 0.030.20 ± 0.00590.38 ± 0.04
0.40 ± 0.030.17 ± 0.00840.25 ± 0.03
0.30 ± 0.030.14 ± 0.00700.20 ± 0.02