Advanced Electron Density Phantom

With CIRS now part of Sun Nuclear, we are collaborating to provide optimal Quality Management solutions for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy.

The CBCT Electron Density Phantom (Model 062MA) and the CBCT Electron Density & Image Quality Phantom (Model 062MQA), are no longer being manufactured or sold by CIRS. We are pleased to offer the following suitable alternative from Sun Nuclear.

Accurately converting CT values to HU or electron density values plays an important role in transitioning from diagnosis to a specific treatment protocol. With the Advanced Electron Density Phantom, ICRU-44 matched tissue equivalence, automation and smart design all serve to remove uncertainties from your energy conversions.


Automated CT-to-Density Analysis

Patented rod markers uniquely identify each material in a CT scan and automatically generate CT-to-density tables with capabilities in the RapidCHECK™ software. Rod markers eliminate the risk of misplaced rods, rotated phantoms, or incorrect selection of ROIs — further fool-proofing this analysis.

Sized for Wide-Beam Applications

A larger phantom body diameter supports evaluation of cone-beam CT and fan-beam CT scanners, with a removable section to support head and small body protocols.

Superior Tissue Equivalence

Phantom base and rods meet medical standards ICRU-44 and ICRP for human tissue densities, giving users additional assurance that the calculation of energy to be put into the patient is highly precise.

Compatible with Any Ion Chamber

The Advanced Electron Density Phantom is compatible with any ion chamber. Upon ordering, please specify which ion chamber you intend to use.

Advanced Electron Density PhantomHighly Accurate CT-to-Density Conversion

Rods within the Advanced Electron Density Phantom mimic water, cortical bone, inner bone, and liver at a high equivalency to medical standards (ICRU-44 and ICRP) for human tissue densities, offering confidence that CT values will be optimally converted to treatment energy values.


AEDP RapidCheckAnalysis Automation

RapidCHECK software automatically identifies the rods in the CT scan and converts the values. Software image registration further removes human errors by uncovering any discrepancies in the phantom’s position (e.g., rotated or translated head, head rotated relative to the body).

Once completed, easily export results to CSV or Excel.

Learn more about RapidCHECK >



Product manufactured by Sun Nuclear; CIRS is now part of Sun Nuclear, a Mirion Medical company.

Data Sheet

Advanced Electron Density Phantom: Data Sheet


Device Specifications
In-plane Dimensions40.0 cm (15.7 in) x 30.0 cm (11.8 in)
Depth16.5 cm (6.3 in), up to 26.5 cm (10.2 in) with optional extension plates
Removable Head Section Diameter20.0 cm (7.87 in)
MaterialHE Energy-Matched CT Solid Water®
Interchangeable Inserts14 solid inserts plus 2 true water containers
Optional InsertsAluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium
Available Upon RequestExtension plates, Ion Chamber conversion rod
Weight15.5 kg (34.1 lbs)
Wheeled CaseIncluded
Warranty5 years
Standard Inserts
MaterialPhysical Density (g/cm3)Electron Density Relative to Water
455 Lung LN-3000.290.28
485 Lung LN-4500.450.44
1553 HE Gen Adipose0.960.94
1454 HE Breast 50:500.980.97
4 – 1451 HE CT Solid Water® Inserts1.021.00
1481 HE Brain1.051.02
1482 HE Liver1.081.05
1456 HE Inner Bone1.211.16
484 CB2 + 30% CaCO31.331.27
480 CB2 + 50% CaCO31.561.46
1450 HE Cortical Bone1.931.78
2 – True Water Inserts-1.000--1.000