Dynamic Cardiac Phantom

Model 008C

The CIRS Dynamic Cardiac Phantom is a precision instrument that simulates the realistic motion of an average human heart. It provides known, accurate and repeatable 3D motion of a solid heart model inside the tissue-equivalent thorax phantom. The Model 008C-01 rod is designed as a comprehensive image analysis tool for calcification detection, iodine contrast resolution and ECG signal gating.

The cardiac phantom is constructed from the tissue equivalent thorax body, moving rod with the solid tissue equivalent heart inside, motion actuator, motion controller and CIRS Motion Control software.

  • Anthropomorphic heart inside a thorax body
  • Tissue equivalent materials
  • Iodine contrast and calcification detection capabilities
  • Contrast target interchangeability
  • Complex heart motion combined with respiratory motion
  • Sub-millimeter accuracy and reproducibility
  • Motion software enables different cycles, amplitudes, and wave forms
  • Correlated ECG signal with readable output

Data Sheet

Dynamic Cardiac Phantom: Data Sheet


Motion Control Software

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Summary: "By applying consistent calcium contrast-to-noise ratio to two anthropomorphic heart phantoms (medium and large) with 3-cm hydroxyapatite (HA) inserts, scanned using a dual-source CT, the relationship was derived between the volume CT dose index (CTDIvol) at lower tube voltages and the baseline CTDIvol at 120 kVp. The baseline CTDIvol was obtained using the noise thresholds from the images acquired at 120 kVp."
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