E2E® SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine

Model 036S-CVXX-xx

The high dose per fraction associated with SBRT necessitates a high degree of accuracy in target localization and dose delivery. Small errors can result in significant under treatment of portions of the tumor volume and over dosage of nearby normal tissues. The E2E ® SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA.

Our Model 036S-CVXX-xx* is an anthropomorphic thorax body containing articulated spine, ribs, and lungs. All materials are suitable for use in kV and MV energies. The thorax section contains two lung tumor volumes with ionization chamber cavities in the center of each target*. The phantom also includes a lung insert with an irregular-shaped lung target. The proximity of the lung target to the vertebral body allows clinicians to measure high-resolution dose distribution to the target and dose to the spinal cord in a single delivery. The surface of the thorax body is machined with concentric circle targets and alignment marks for daily system checks.

Our Model 036S has more options for dose verification in the spine as an organ at risk, including a removable split spine. The removable spine facilitates the use of radiochromic film in the sagittal orientation in the inferior half of the spine rod. Ion chambers cavities are located in the spinal cord and the vertebrae in the superior half of the removable spine rod. Alignment marks at 0, 90, 180 & 270 degrees allow for consistent re-positioning. Precision-cut films with integral registration holes are available for both the lung insert and spine insert.

An optional abdominal section (Model 036-01) with 3D spine anatomy for film and nanoDotTM dosimetry is available separately. It can also accommodate the CBCT Image Quality phantom (Model 062QA-35). The Model 036-01 provides extra bolus to allow dose assessments with the abdomen due to non-coplanar beams.

  • Thorax with articulated spine, ribs and lungs
  • Optional Abdomen with film insert
  • High Resolution Anthropomorphic Characteristics
  • Center point fiducial and offset target for daily system checks
  • Ideal for commissioning an SBRT program
  • Excellent test environment for Monte Carlo dose calculation verification
  • Supports use and testing of Image Guidance capabilities

*Customer must specify chamber at time of purchase. Refer to CIRS cavity codes at www.cirsinc.com/support for corresponding CV number.

NOTE: This product or an optional accessory of this product requires a CIRS dosimetry cavity code before an order can be placed. Please refer to the Dosimetry Cavity Codes document to identify the CIRS code for the probe you intend to use with this product.

Data Sheet

E2E SBRT Phantom With Removable Spine: Data Sheet


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Dosimetry Cavity Codes

Cavity Codes for Dosimetry Devices

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