IMRT Thorax Phantom

Model 002LFC

The CIRS Model 002LFC IMRT Thorax Phantom for film and ion chamber dosimetry is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems and complete system QA from CT imaging to dose verification.

The 002LFC is elliptical in shape and properly represents an average human torso in proportion, density and two-dimensional structure. It measures 30 cm long x 30 cm wide x 20 cm thick. The phantom is constructed of proprietary tissue equivalent epoxy materials. Linear attenuations of the simulated tissues are within 1% of actual attenuation for water and bone, and within 3% for lung from 50 keV to 15 MeV.

Tissue equivalent interchangeable rod inserts accommodate ionization chambers allowing for point dose measurements in multiple planes within the phantom. Hole placement allows verification in the most critical areas of the chest. One half of the phantom is divided into 12 sections, each 1 cm thick, to support radiographic or GafChromic ® film. Additional inserts are available to support a variety of other detectors including TLD’s, MOSFET, and diodes.

Handling, assembly and proper orientation of the phantom is easy with the use of a unique alignment base and holding device. The surfaces of the phantom are marked for ease of laser alignment. CT markers are included to ensure accurate film to plan registration on the center film.*

  • Verify heterogeneity corrections
  • Correlate CTU to electron density
  • Check dose distributions in sensitive areas
  • Check depth doses and absolute dose
  • 2D and 3D isodoses
  • Calibrate film with ion chamber & other detectors*
  • Verify individual patient treatment plans

The CIRS line of IMRT phantoms is compatible with the RIT 113 software for film to plan analysis. GafChromic ® is a registered trademark of International Specialty Products, Wayne, NJ.

NOTE: This product or an optional accessory of this product requires a CIRS dosimetry cavity code before an order can be placed. Please refer to the Dosimetry Cavity Codes document to identify the CIRS code for the probe you intend to use with this product.

Data Sheet

IMRT Thorax Phantom: Data Sheet

Dosimetry Cavity Codes

Cavity Codes for Dosimetry Devices


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