Large Field MR Image Distortion Phantom

Model 604-GS

The Model 604-GS provides a tissue-like imaging environment for assessing geometric distortion in whole-body MRI scanners. The 604-GS is designed to assess image distortion caused by B0 inhomogeneity and nonlinearity of the magnetic gradients. Unlike other air-filled phantoms, the liquid-filled 604-GS is also sensitive to chemical shifts and susceptibility artifacts, additional causes of distortion found when encountering density differences in diagnostic MRI and radiation therapy treatment planning.

The phantom features a unique orthogonal 3D grid that provides complete geometric data throughout the imaging volume. Users can fill the phantom with the AAPM TG 100 recommended solution, or with specialized solutions for high-field MRI or unique scan sequences. Ground-truth measurements of grid locations can be obtained through CT scanning of the phantom.

The phantom is marked for ease of alignment to position lasers and is designed for use with both curved and flat gantry tables.

  • With a tissue-like medium MRI signal, assess image distortion due to:
    • B0 field inhomogeneities
    • Gradient nonlinearity
    • Chemical shifts
    • Susceptibility artifacts
  • Compatible with Distortion Check software
  • Submillimeter control point detection
  • Optimized 3D grid spacing fills entire volume
  • 2152 control points
  • Easy integration and laser alignment
  • Ground truth files for grid available

Data Sheet

Large Field MR Image Distortion Phantom: Data Sheet


Large Field MRI Distortion Phantom: Brochure


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