XSight Lung Tracking Phantom Kit

Model 18023-A

“Strict QA procedures for the imaging, planning and delivery of  radiotherapy using respiratory
management devices are required to ensure the safe and effective use of test devices.”

The CIRS Model 18023-A Xsight ® Lung Tracking “XLT” Phantom Kit has been verified and validated by Accuray for use with CyberKnife systems and both are designed to work in conjunction with the Synchrony System.

  • Use Xsight ® Spine Tracking System for initial phantom alignment
  • Display detected respiratory motion of tissue-simulated torso, lung tumor,
    and critical structures with Synchrony System
  • Execute E2E software analysis of the films (without CT number adjustment)
  • Visualize 4D treatment optimization using the MultiPlan System
Xsight ® Lung Tracking Phantom

The XLT phantom body represents an average human thorax in shape, proportion and composition.

  • 3D anthropomorphic spine with cortical and trabecular bone, ribs, and lung lobes
  • Lung Ball Cube Rod with tumor-simulating target and radiochromic film
  • CIRS Motion Control Software enables true 3D target motion
  • Independently controlled surrogate and target motion
Xsight ® Lung Phantom Ball Cube Rod

The XLT  phantom includes a single dosimeter rod made from lung equivalent epoxy (of respective densities). It contains a spherical target that accommodates two pre-cut Radiochromic® films, and is easily connected and aligned to the drive shaft.



XSight Lung Tracking Phantom Kit: Brochure

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Summary: “The aim of this study was to provide the evidence and the evaluation of the magnitude of this specific interplay effect for the Cyberknife when treating moving targets by means of an indirect and static tracking technique. We tested the impact of three different planned MU (Monitor Unit) distributions on the intra- and inter- fraction delivered dose to the tumor volume for two typical breathing cycles.”
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