Distortion Check – Automated Analysis of Distortion in MRgRT

Model 603S

Distortion Check is a new, cloud-based solution designed to quickly and automatically quantify distortion in MRI images. Used in conjunction with CIRS MRI Grid phantoms, the software provides the capability to quickly and accurately measure distortion throughout the entire image volume.

After detecting all grid intersections, the software registers either a CAD or CT scan ground truth to these MR detected control points. An interpolation is then performed to generate the 3D distortion vector fields.

Results can be reported in a variety of output formats including scatter plots, contour plots, box and whisker plots for trending and DICOM overlays that can be imported to 3rd party software, such as a DICOM viewer or image fusion software. The software algorithms will work with any grid configuration and CIRS employs proprietary 3D printing techniques that enable easy modification of grid phantoms to meet customer requirements.

  • Quickly & automatically analyze complete MR data sets
  • Unique grid phantoms provide physical control points throughout entire 3D image volume
  • Density of control points optimized to bring interpolation close to linearity
  • CIRS materials simulate distortion due to susceptibility and chemical shifts typical to clinical patient scans
  • Cloud based solution frees user of operating system and hardware constraints
  • Online deployment facilitates collaboration and easy review and portability of results

Data Sheet

Distortion Check: Data Sheet



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