ISO Analyze Software

Model 023-03

ISO Analyze™ integrates with the ISO Phantom, ISO Base™, and 6DOF ISO Base enabling user-friendly quality control of the LINAC isocenters by analyzing DICOM images acquired with the EPID, kV and CBCT. Controls are run automatically, analyzing images of the phantom and quantifying a large number of evaluation parameters. The software allows users to easily generate, save and print a report of the tests.

The ISO Base™ is used to position and level the ISO Phantom on the treatment couch. It contains integrated pixel calibration targets recognized by ISO Analyze™.

The phantom, base and software were designed specifically for daily system checks. LINAC laser and light fields can be “tuned” to true radiation isocenter using the engraved markings on the exterior of the phantom. The light field and radiation field alignment can be checked using the phantom’s built-in radiographic markers. More importantly, the isocenters of both the OBI and the EPID can be checked for true spatial alignment and coincidence with that of the treatment beam.


CIRS ISO Analyze Image Analysis Software can only be installed on a single computer. From this workstation, customers can perform QA for any LINAC in the same network by accessing images acquired from these machines through the network connection. For larger hospital systems looking to install ISO Analyze Software on multiple computers, a sister license is available for purchase. The ISO Analyze Sister License (Model 023-07) has the functionality of the full ISO Analyze Image Analysis Software, but will only be available to customers who have already purchased at least one ISO Phantom and full ISO Analyze license.

ISO Analyze Software can be purchased separately (model 023-03), as package 1 (model 023-05, ISO Phantom Package 1) or as package 2 (model 023-09, ISO Phantom Package 2).

ISO Analyze software system requirements include: Windows XP® / Vista / Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit), Intel i3 CPU or above (or equivalent AMD), 4 MB RAM and 2 GB of available disk space.

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