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All CIRS Dynamic Phantoms are operated using CIRS Motion Control Software Suite, a user-friendly graphical user interface that can be installed on any computer running Windows OS. Upon installation, the user has the option to select the phantom that is to be controlled by the software.

Amplitude, cycle time and phase shift can be applied to both surrogate and main phantom using slider bars or by entering desired values within the limits of the system. Five built-in waveforms are available from a standard pull down menu.

An unlimited number of clinically relevant patient specific waveforms or correlation models can be imported from tab delimited or comma separated file formats, including formats for all main brand name tracking devices available on the market.

The import function also allows for waveform editing, smoothing and analyzing tools to ease the optimization of custom waveforms. All motion files can be saved for future use.

The software provides convenient feedback through real-time graphic display with relevant information about the waveform selected for each direction of simulated tumor. In addition the ROI analyzing function provides the time spent by the target between two chosen amplitudes and the average time weighted position for that particular ROI.

Users can instantly start, stop or pause the motion at any time. New start positions can be graphically selected and applied making the device very useful for static test as well as dynamic testing. Users can also select the number of cycles to be looped by entering the desired value or choose continuous looping (up to 1 million cycles).

The Advanced Motion Parameters window contains a Research Mode that allows researchers to import 3D (x ,y ,z) recorded waveforms. Once the research mode is selected, the software automatically calculates the best scenario to simulate the real 3D waveform and the percentage coverage of the real volume by the simulated volume.

With select CIRS phantoms users can calculate beam latency for each breathing and as an average of all executed

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Motion Control Software

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