3D Calibration Phantom

Model ATS 560H

The Model 560H rubber-based, tissue-mimicking phantom provides a basic means of evaluating an imaging system’s performance along with its 3D volumetric measurements.

The phantom combines monofilament line targets, six non-echogenic cylindrical targets of varying sizes and a 3D egg-shaped target structure. The monofilament targets have a diameter of 0.12 mm and are arranged in four groups of line targets to evaluate the vertical and horizontal calibration measurements, axial-lateral resolution and the dead zone. All ATS urethane phantoms are guaranteed for the useful life of the phantom, defined as 10 years.

Key Tests with Model ATS 560H:
  • Uniformity
  • Depth of Penetration
  • Beam Profile/ Focal Zone/ Lateral Response Width
  • Vertical Distance Measurement
  • Horizontal Distance Measurement
  • Axial and Lateral Resolution
  • Contrast Resolution
  • Volume Measurements
  • Dead Zone Assessment

Data Sheet

3D Calibration Phantom: Data Sheet

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