Basic QA Phantom

Model ATS 535H

The Model 535 rubber-based, tissue-mimicking phantom is designed to fulfill the basic testing requirements of a Quality Assurance Program.

The phantom is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets and six tissue mimicking cylindrical targets of varying sizes. The monofilament line targets have a diameter of 0.12 mm, to optimize the displayed image at frequencies ranging from 2.25 to 7.5 MHz. Four groups of line targets are provided to evaluate the vertical and horizontal calibration measurements, axial-lateral resolution and the dead zone. All ATS urethane phantoms are guaranteed for the useful life of the phantom, defined as 10 years.

Key Tests with Model ATS 535H:
  • Uniformity
  • Depth of Penetration
  • Beam Profile/ Focal Zone/ Lateral Response Width
  • Vertical Distance Measurement
  • Horizontal Distance Measurement
  • Axial and Lateral Resolution
  • Contrast Resolution
  • Dead Zone Assessment

Data Sheet

Basic QA Phantom: Data Sheet

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