Doppler Flow Controller & Digital Pumping System

Model ATS 700-D

The Model 700-D, Doppler Flow Digital Controller and Pumping System, combined with an ATS Doppler Flow phantom provide an easy and accurate means of evaluating an ultrasound Doppler imaging system’s ability to detect sensitivity at varying depths, maximum penetration, flow velocity, location and directional discrimination.

The System provides steady-state flow ranging from 9.6 to 960 ml/minute. Higher flow rates are available upon request. The pump speed (RPMs) is controlled by the keypad on the front panel. Two In-line flowmeters continuously monitor the flow rate of the blood mimicking test fluid through the phantom during the test procedure. The large capacity test fluid reservoir insures the fluid pumped through the phantom will be free of air bubbles even after hours of continuous use.

The Model 700-D system is designed to be used in conjunction with the ATS Doppler Flow Phantoms Models 523, 523A, 524, 525 and 527 (purchased separately) and the Doppler Test Fluid.

Data Sheet

Doppler Flow Controller & Digital Pumping System: Data Sheet

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