General & Small Parts Phantom

Model ATS 549

The Model 549 General & Small Parts phantom provides a unique design to optimize testing over the full range of diagnostic imaging probes (2 MHz to 18 MHz). A 30cm depth of field stretches the penetration depth of lower-frequencey probes. Small features in the first 6 cm test the resolution of small parts probes. The scanning wells when filled with water provide an ideal means to evaluate endoscopic probes. Simply lie the active area of the transducer onto the surface of the phantom. The procedure is the same as for any standard linear transducer.

The Model 549 is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets for distance measurements and tissue mimicking target structures of varying sizes and contrasts. One hundred and twenty (120) cystic-like target structures are positioned in-line vertically, thereby permitting an entire target group to be displayed in one view. Due to the acoustic similarity of the background material and the target structures, artifacts caused by distortion, shadowing or enhancement have been eliminated.

Six gray scale targets ranging in contrast from +15 to -15 dB are provided to evaluate the system’s displayed dynamic range and gray scale processing performance.

All ATS urethane phantoms are guaranteed for the useful life of the phantom, defined as 10 years.

Key Tests with Model ATS 549:
  • Uniformity
  • Beam Profile/ Focal Zone/ Lateral Response Width
  • Vertical Distance Measurement
  • Horizontal Distance Measurement
  • Axial and Lateral Resolution
  • Elevational Resolution
  • Contrast Resolution
  • Grayscale Contrast Sensitivity & Displayed Dynamic Range
  • Dead Zone Assessment

Data Sheet

General & Small Parts Phantom: Data Sheet

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