Invenia ABUS Phantom

Model ATS UC-551M

The ATS UC-551M, a modified version of the ATS Model 551 Small Parts Phantom, is designed for use with GE’s Invenia ABUS scanner. The scan surface has a 17.5-inch radius of curvature, which matches the shape of the Invenia ABUS scan head.

The rubber-based tissue mimicking material has a sound velocity of 1450 m/sec and an attenuation of 0.5dB/cm/MHz at room temperature (23°C). To ensure measurement accuracy, CIRS incorporates a thermometer strip affixed to the outside surface of the phantom housing. The phantom is packaged in a carrying case providing added protection during transporting and storage.

GE-recommended QA test procedures for the Invenia ABUS and Invenia ABUS 2.0 scanners are provided in separate documents. All ATS urethane phantoms are guaranteed for the useful life of the phantom, defined as 10 years.

Recommended Tests with Model ATS UC-551M
  • Axial Measurement Accuracy
  • Lateral Measurement Accuracy
  • Axial and Lateral Resolution
  • Contrast Resolution
  • SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio

Data Sheet

Invenia ABUS Phantom: Data Sheet

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