Doppler Fluid

Model 769DF

CIRS Doppler Fluid, model 769DF, is a reliable, stable and non-hazardous fluid formulated to mimic the acoustic and physical properties of human blood. The fluid, when used in conjunction with ultrasound doppler flow phantoms and pumping systems, can be used to evaluate the system performance of a Doppler imaging system.

The 769DF formulation is based on published standards (see table 1 on data sheet). It is fully degassed prior to packaging to minimize noise from air bubbles. The fluid is tested for speed of sound, attenuation, density and viscosity using test equipment traceable to NIST.

  • Evaluates system performance of doppler imaging systems
  • Mimics acoustic and physical properties of blood
  • Used in conjunction with CIRS Doppler Flow phantoms
  • No refrigeration necessary

Data Sheet

Doppler Fluid: Data Sheet

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