Doppler Flow Pump

Model 769

The Doppler Flow Pump is used to simulate blood flow when testing Doppler ultrasound devices. When used in conjunction with a tissue mimicking phantom (sold separately; a list of compatible CIRS phantoms is on the back), the flow pump supports routine Doppler quality assurance measurements of velocity accuracy, directional accuracy, sample volume accuracy and sensitivity. The configurable design also supports advanced research and engineering tests. For instance, test circuit may be modified to support either constant velocity flow or pulsatile flow. When in pulsatile flow mode, the peristaltic pump may be programmed to produce physiologic wave-forms. In addition, the external tubing circuit ensures laminar flow rates over a wide range of flow rates, and it allows users to easily inject contrast agents for testing contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

The pump comes in a plastic ABS housing that conveniently stores all accessories needed for setting up a flow circuit, including:

  1. A peristaltic pump that provides flow rates at 0.4 to 750 ml/min, which translates to an average flow velocity of 2-70 cm/s. (Peak flow velocities will be 2-4 times greater than the average flow velocity due to the effects of laminar and pulsatile flow.)
  2. A fluid reservoir pre-filled with CIRS doppler fluid. Replacement fluid may be ordered separately.
  3. A pulse dampener that converts the pulsatile flow from the peristaltic pump into constant velocity flow.
  4. Convenient color coded tubing with quick-disconnect fittings
  5. Graduated cylinder for purging phantoms of doppler fluid after each use. Also useful for calibrating the pump.
  6. Pump-to-USB cable, allowing the pump to be programmed to mimic a human pulse. Instructions and examples are included.
  • Used in conjunction with ATS Urethane or CIRS Zerdine Phantoms
  • Max Flow Rate is 750 mL/ min
  • Min Flow Rate can be as low as 0.04 mL/ min*
  • Pulsatile or Constant Velocity configurations available
  • Varying tube depths for peripheral and abdominal vessel simulation
  • Doppler Fluid simulates acoustic and physical characteristics of blood
  • All components stored in compact case for easy transport

*Actual values will vary depending on phantom used.

Data Sheet

Doppler Flow Pump: Data Sheet

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