Doppler Flow Pump

Model 769

The Doppler Flow Pump is designed to simulate blood flow in a tissue mimicking phantom, and may be used to perform quality assurance testing of Doppler ultrasound devices. The two most common tests are sensitivity and velocity accuracy, but a number of other useful tests are also described in the literature.

The pump is compatible with all ATS and CIRS doppler flow phantoms. A complete list can be found on the back of this page.

The Pump includes the following components:

  1. A peristaltic pump that provides flow rates at 0.4 to 750 ml/min, which translates to an average flow velocity of 2-70 cm/s. (Peak flow velocities will be 2-4 times greater than the average flow velocity due to the effects of laminar and pulsatile flow.)
  2. A fluid reservoir pre-filled with CIRS doppler fluid. Replacement fluid may be ordered separately.
  3. A pulse dampener that converts the pulsatile flow from the peristaltic pump into constant velocity flow.
  4. Convenient color coded tubing with quick-disconnect fittings
  5. Graduated cylinder for purging phantoms of doppler fluid after each use. Also useful for calibrating the pump.
  6. Pump-to-USB cable, allowing the pump to be programmed to mimic a human pulse. Instructions and examples are included.
  • Used in conjunction with ATS Urethane or CIRS Zerdine Phantoms
  • Max Flow Rate is 750 mL/ min
  • Min Flow Rate can be as low as 0.04 mL/ min*
  • Pulsatile or Constant Velocity configurations available
  • Varying tube depths for peripheral and abdominal vessel simulation
  • Doppler Fluid simulates acoustic and physical characteristics of blood
  • All components stored in compact case for easy transport

*Actual values will vary depending on phantom used.

Data Sheet

Doppler Ultrasound Pump: Data Sheet

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