General Purpose Ultrasound Phantom

Model 054GS
Exceed ACR Accreditation Requirements
  • Test the full range of standard diagnostic ultrasound probes (2 MHz to 18 MHz)
  • Detachable water wells allow for testing curvilinear and endocavity probes
  • Ensure over ten years of reliable use through reinspection and repair services

Includes best in industry four-year warranty

The CIRS Model 054GS General Purpose Ultrasound Phantom contains gray scale targets and improved sensitivity targets that exceed the phantom requirements outlined in the ACR accreditation program.

The phantom is made of CIRS’ proprietary Zerdine® hydrogel polymer, which has been formulated to provide tissue mimicking properties including compatibility with harmonic imaging. To maximize phantom lifetime, this gel is contained in a rugged ABS plastic housing with a Saran-based laminate membrane.

CIRS ultrasound QA phantoms come standard with a robust housing, rugged carry case, 48-month warranty and user’s guide.

Key Tests with Model 054GS
  • Uniformity
  • Depth of Penetration
  • Beam Profile/ Focal Zone/ Lateral Response Width
  • Vertical Distance Measurement
  • Horizontal Distance Measurement
  • Axial and Lateral Resolution
  • Elevational Resolution
  • Contrast Resolution
  • Grayscale Contrast Sensitivity
  • Dead Zone Assessment

Data Sheet

General Purpose Ultrasound Phantom: Data Sheet

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