Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom

Model 047
Evaluate Resolving Power as a Function of Depth, Size and Contrast
  • Allows rapid visualization of gray scale resolution power at continuous depths from 1 to 12 cm
  • Ensure over ten years of reliable use through reinspection and repair services

Includes best in industry four-year warranty

The CIRS Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom is a single, simple tool to assess resolution of masses varying in size, depth and contrast. The phantom’s unique design allows for rapid visualization of gray scale resolution power at continuous depths from 1 to 12 cm.

Due to the controlled scatter characteristics of the targets, the Model 047 may be used to evaluate gray scale sensitivity on all diagnostic ultrasound machines with a wide range of transducer frequencies. This phantom is an ideal training tool for learning optimum system setup and evaluating system performance.

Masses may be viewed with either a circular or elliptical cross-section. The mass diameters were selected so the volume imaged would double as the diameter increased. The gray-scale levels were selected to achieve a doubling in signal intensity as you move from mass to mass. The anechoic masses comply with the ACR accreditation program.

The phantom is constructed of Zerdine(1), a patented, tissue-mimicking material, and is housed in a rugged ABS plastic for increased durability. The Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom includes foam-lined carry case, certificate of compliance, user guide and 48-month warranty.

  • 21 Testing objects
  • Diameters: 2.4, 4, & 6.4 mm
  • Contrast: Anechoic, -9, -6, -3, +3, +6, +9 dB
  • Depth of test object varies continuously as phantom is scanned laterally
  • Scatter controlled independently from attenuation
  • Carry case included

Data Sheet

Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom: Data Sheet

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