DR QC Phantom

Model 139702

The CIRS DR QC Phantom allows comprehensive quality assurance testing for DR Detectors and associated software.

The phantom enables seven quality assurance assessments for monthly and semi-annual evaluation, including exposure linearity and sensitivity, high and low contrast reproducibility, artifact and residual image detection, image resolution, collimator beam alignment, measurement tool accuracy, and display jitter QA testing. The linepair target, 0.10 mm Pb thickness, allows for more comprehensive high contrast resolution assessment.

The CIRS DR QC Phantom measures 17” x 17” x 0.5” and allows for quick checks on 14”x 17” or 17” x 17” DR systems. Lead content has been minimized to meet European regulations.

The phantom includes standard suggested testing parameters, QC report forms, padded soft case and 60-month warranty.

  • Allows testing of 14”x17” (35 x 43 cm) and 17”x17” (35 x 35 cm) DR systems
  • Includes test objects for seven quality assurance tests
  • Complies with German standards DIN 6868-58 and DIN 6868-13
  • Contains 1 DIN Type 38 Linepair target
  • Minimized lead content to meet European regulations
  • No moving parts
  • Testing parameters and QC Report forms provided
  • 60-month warranty

Data Sheet

DR QC Phantom: Data Sheet

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