QA Portal

QA Portal Software User Account Creation

CIRS’ QA Portal Software is a cloud-based application. The QA Portal software is included with the purchase of CIRS models 040GSE, 054GS, ATS539 or ATS570. It does not require any installation on a user’s PC. Once a User Account is created the software can be accessed from any device that is connected to internet. 

Follow the steps below to create a New User Account:

1. From any web browser go to

2. Click on Register New Account and follow the on-screen instructions to create your User Account.


  • In order to create a new user account, you must provide a valid serial number of one of the following CIRS phantoms; 040GSE, 054GS, ATS539 or ATS570.
  • All fields from the Register New User Account must be completed in order for the New User Account creation process to be successful.
  • The same e-mail address cannot be used to register two User Accounts due to the fact that the e-mail is used for log in purposes.

3. Once the Register New Account form is completed and submitted, an automated e-mail will be sent directly to CIRS. CIRS will then activate your new account and you can now begin testing.