AAPM CT Performance Phantom

Model 610

The CIRS Model 610 AAPM CT Performance Phantom offers the user a single test object that measures ten distinct CT performance parameters. The phantom design is based on the guidelines presented in Report #1 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms. The goals of report #1 were to “(1) define ‘performance’ of a CT scanner and (2) describe methods of performance testing through utilization of particular phantoms.”

A CT number linearity insert, high contrast resolution insert and slice width insert are housed in an 8.5 “ diameter PMMA water tank with quick disconnect valves for ease of filling and draining between use. Also included is a 0.25” bone equivalent ring that can be fit over the inserts to evaluate the effects of beam hardening.

A contrast test object is adhered to the bottom of the tank that includes two rows of cavities from 1 to 0.125” diameter. The cavities can be filled with various solutions for contrast evaluation. An aluminum alignment insert is incorporated in the lid of the tank and can be interchanged with a polystyrene TLD insert for dose measurements. A user’s manual, holding cradle, filling tubes and other accessories are included.

Measurement Capability
  • Noise
  • Sensitivity / Detectability
  • Mechanical Alignment
  • Beam Hardening
  • Slice Thickness
  • Size Independence
  • Radiation Dose
  • Spatial Uniformity
  • HU Linearity
  • Spatial Resolution and line spread function

Data Sheet

AAPM CT Performance Phantom: Data Sheet

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Summary: A selective mean filter was tested using the Model 610, with results showing a 75% reduction in noise with no loss in spatial resolution.
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