Distortion Check

Distortion Check Software License/ User Account Creation

CIRS’ Distortion Check Software is an online application. It does not require any installation on a user’s PC. Once a User Account is created the software can be accessed from any device that is connected to internet.

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Follow the steps below to create a New User Account:

1. From any web browser go to https://tools.cirsinc.com/login/

2. Click on Register New Account and follow the on screen instructions to create your User Account.


  • In order to create a new user account you must provide a valid serial number of a CIRS 603-GS or CIRS 604-GS phantom. If you have not purchased either of these phantoms at the time the software was purchased, because you already own at least one of these phantoms, you will need to provide CIRS with the serial number (SN) of at least one phantom in order for you to be able to create the account. In case you have not purchased either of these phantoms, but would like to know more about the Distortion Check Software, please contact CIRS support for more information.
  • All fields from the Register New User Account must be completed in order for the New User Account creation process to be successful.
  • The same e-mail address cannot be used to register two User Accounts due to the fact that the e-mail is used for log in purposes.
  • IMPORTANT: It has come to CIRS’ attention that some hospitals IT security does not allow emails coming from [email protected] to go through. These emails contain a link to create your password or to reset your password. CIRS strongly recommends before you start creating a user account, contact your institution’s IT department to inform them the emails you are supposed to receive from [email protected] must be able to pass through your incoming email filter. CIRS’ Distortion Check Software uses an online log-in credential management service, which does not allow the software Administrator to assign or reset passwords.

3. Once the Register New Account form is completed and submitted, an e-mail with the content shown below is automatically sent to the e-mail address used during the New User Account creation.

4. Click on the link from the e-mail and follow the on screen instructions to create a password for your account. Upon successful password creation you will be prompted to log in to your newly created account. The e-mail address used during the New User Account registration process is to be used for log in.

License Terms Notice:

CIRS Distortion Check Software is a licensed product. The licensing of this product is based on the number of scans successfully analyzed by the end user within a period of time. For licensing purposes, a successful analyzed scan is defined as follows: more than 50% of the grid intersections are matched to a gold standard point for model 603-GS and model 604-GS. The license will expire based on which terms of the license expire first (time or number of scans).

Upon User Account creation and log in, you will be able to use the software with or without any license restrictions as follows:

  • If you log in before CIRS assigns the license terms to the institution you provided during the New User Account registration process you will see no messages with respect to license time or number of scans left.
  • If you log in after CIRS already assigned to your institution the license expiration terms, based on the product you bought, you could see a notification message prompting you to renew your license due to time or scans expiration. The license time notification will prompt you for license renewal 30 days in advance. The licensed number of scans processed notification will prompt you for license renewal 20 scans in advance.
Please note: CIRS is now part of Sun Nuclear, making us stronger together. The full suite of CIRS solutions will remain available for browsing on this site and are also available for order through your Sun Nuclear sales representative.