Vascular Access Training Phantoms
Model 072 Series

Vascular Access Training Phantoms - Model 072 Series - Products - CIRS

Develop skills for ultrasound-guided injection And
VENI-PUNCTURE techniques in a non-stressful environment

The CIRS Vascular Access Training Phantoms are designed to provide a realistic training medium for needle insertion. The phantoms are made from a durable elastometric compound mimicking the tactile feel and puncture resistance of soft tissue. This material has realistic acoustic properties allowing imaging of the simulated vessels under ultrasound.

The vessels can be accessed from top and bottom surfaces and can be easily replenished using a syringe.

The phantoms require no special handling and will not dry out. The phantoms also include start up accessories.

CIRS offers three Vascular Access models with varied feature sets to best serve your needs. For assistance in choosing between models, refer to the comparison chart on the next page.


  • Teach ultrasound scan techniques

  • Demonstrate and practice various insertion techniques
  • Experiment with new procedures and evaluate new devices
  • Teach vein recognition through palpation