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CIRS Announces Release of New Respiratory Gating Phantom with 3 Axes of Control

Norfolk, Virginia (January 26, 2010) CIRS is pleased to announce the release of a new respiratory gating phantom with 3 axes of control – The Dynamic Thorax Phantom. “Customer feedback is extremely important to CIRS and the Model 008A is just one example of a CIRS design following customer desires. Our customers liked the Dynamic Thorax phantom but wanted more flexibility to import and control the motion profiles while simplifying the programming process. In addition the new PET inserts and 4DCT QA insert are a direct response to customer requests,” said Mark Devlin, President of CIRS.

The Model 008A Dynamic Thorax phantom provides tissue equivalent respiratory motion with 3 axes of control and can be used to:

Commission 4D imaging and 4D radiotherapy systemsQuantify volumetric and positional aliasing of CT in the presence of 3D target motionEvaluate static and dynamic target localization accuracy of onboard imaging systemsTest accuracy and consistency of tumor tracking and respiratory gating devicesAssess dosimetric accuracy of temporally modulated radiation therapyTrain and evaluate personnel during implementation of new equipment and techniques.

The CIRS Motion Control software is a user-friendly graphical user interface that simplifies the operation of the Model 008A. According to Devlin, “user’s can now import patient specific waveforms directly from tab delimited or comma separated files. It also provides real-time display of target and surrogate motion parameters and the ability to adjust motion amplitude, cycle time and phase shift with pull down menus and slider bars.” He goes on to say, “response to the new version has been very positive and existing Model 008 owner’s can upgrade their system to have the same functionality as the Model 008A.”

The Dynamic Thorax phantom features:

A tissue equivalent phantom body with anthropomorphic spine, external alignment marks and CT fiducials for phantom image registrationIndependently controlled SI and AP/LR tumor motion with submillimeter precisionProgrammable surrogate motion independently from tumor motion and with submillimeter precisionInserts for 4DCT QA, PET/CT, MOSFET, Micro Chamber, film and gel dosimetry

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CIRS, a Castleray company, is recognized worldwide for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy. CIRS is headquartered in Norfolk, VA (USA) and distributes products worldwide.

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