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CIRS Announces Release of Phantom for use with Hybrid Scanning Systems

Norfolk, Virginia (May 10, 2010) Hybrid Scanning systems such as SPECT/CT, PET/CT and CT/MRI are increasingly being used to improve tumor identification, treatment delivery and monitor treatment effectiveness. Proper alignment of the fused images is an ongoing concern. CIRS is pleased to release the Model 802 Gillian QA Phantom for evaluation of image distortion and alignment in these hybrid scanning systems.

The Gillian QA Phantom provides a simple and cost effective solution to verify image alignment and distortion. Images produced with the phantom can quickly and clearly show if there is any mismatch in the fused images. The simple geometry allows for quick visual interpretation and independent assessment of equipment function.

This product is manufactured under license from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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CIRS, a Castleray company, is recognized worldwide for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy. CIRS is headquartered in Norfolk, VA (USA) and distributes products worldwide.

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