Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom
Model 039

Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom - Model 039 - Products - CIRS


The Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantoms provide a set of reference standards for performing quantitative measurements of tissue stiffness, and is compatible with the main ultrasound shear wave modalities including Fibroscan's Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography (VCTETM), Supersonic Imagine's Shear Wave elasticity imaging, and Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) elastography. Shear wave elasticity imaging is an emerging biomarker with many possible applications, most prominently for determining the stage of liver fibrosis in a patient without the need for invasive biopsies.

Model 039 includes four separate phantoms of varying stiffness: 3, 12, 27, and 48 kPa. The elasticity of the phantoms was chosen based on average tissue elasticty at various stages of liver fibrosis. Stiffness of 3 kPa represents elasticity of healthy tissue, while 48 kPa represents elasticity of tissue with stage-five liver fibrosis. Phantoms can also be manufactured according to user requirements with custom stiffness ranging from 1 to 100 kPa. 

Certification of shear wave speed will be provided with each phantom, with tests run on Verasonics Vantage™ research platform running open source code developed for the Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (QIBA) Ultrasound Shear Wave Speed Committee. The certification sheet provides the full dispersive analysis of shear wave speed, allowing performance assessment at different frequencies.

Model 039 comes with a carry case for easy transport and phantom set up. 


  • Set of 4 phantoms, each with a different stiffness(Young’s modulus ranges from 3 – 48 kPa)

  • Enables quantitative assessment of shear wave speedmeasurements used in the diagnosis of diffuse liverdisease

  • Certified measurement of shear wave speed accordingto protocol developed by Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance Ultrasound Shear Wave Speed committee

  • Re-certification of phantoms available