CIRS Releases Phantom for MRI Distortion in SRS


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Model 603A enables assessment of image distortion in treatment planning systems

Sept. 24, 2014 (Norfolk, Va.) CIRS recently released a phantom for evaluating MRI distortion in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) treatment planning.

Distortion in MRI is a key contributing factor to measurement errors during stereotactic localization. Because of the high doses administered through SRS, even small miscalculations can lead to devastating effects. CIRS designed the MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS to assess this distortion and help users minimize its effects on SRS treatment planning.

Because the phantom is suitable for use in X-Ray, Computed Tomography and MR, it can also be used to verify image fusion and deformable image registration algorithms used in various treatment planning systems, according to the company.

The CIRS MRI Distortion Phantom for SRS (Model 603A) replaces the 3D Skull Phantom (Model 603).

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CIRS, a Castleray company, is recognized worldwide for tissue simulation technology and is the leader in the manufacture of phantoms and simulators for quantitative densitometry, calibration, quality control and research in the field of medical imaging and radiotherapy. CIRS is headquartered in Norfolk, VA (USA) and distributes products worldwide.

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